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This quote could not be more true than now. We are struggling with a real disease killer….and I’m not even talking about Covid-19. I’m talking about our SICK FAT nation. In the hour that it takes me to write this blog post 75 Americans will die from heart disease and another 69 from cancer. This is the real “pandemic” in America! 

We are being led to believe that in this current state that we must stay home, mask up, use essential drive thru eateries for our food and we will not get sick from Covid. News flash! We are already sick. It is no surprise that those who have the poorest health outcomes with this virus are those with pre-existing condition(s). Since 7/10 deaths in America are from chronic disease in this country, the virus is just acting as a “Millennium Falcon” to get them where they were going more quickly.  

My good friend and physician takes care of Covid patients everyday. I asked her on a walk one day if those coming in being overweight and sick are using this as a wake up call? She said no and as a matter of fact she found one indulging on Little Debbie snacks while the health care workers are doing their best to save her life. I won’t get started on hospital food but I speculate that these patients are NOT put on an Anti-inflammatory diet by the RD.  It makes zero sense to me that a virus we know feeds off inflammation and metabolically sick individuals that we have not made more disease preventing mandates. I am required to wear a mask yet there is no risk factor for me dying from the virus. 

This is not an anti-mask vent, this is a “My Choice” rant. As a veteran of the US Air Force I take my freedoms very seriously. If an overweight Covid patient is not mandated to have a health coach to educate them on the very foods that put them in their current state why am I being subjected to a mandate that has zero influence for me. As a woman I have the choice to tear the heart beating perfectly healthy child from my womb but yet not decide if I should wear a mask or not to “prevent” a virus from spreading….HMMM

This pandemic should have opened our eyes to the real issues at hand. A population that is at its core unhealthy and a sitting duck for the next big virus. Covid won’t be the last! Yet, we have been muddled with policies written with governmental agendas and pushed by news media networks to induce a fear based mentality. Then couple that with a movement of creating racial divide. As a neurology lesson you can not use your logical frontal brain when you are in a state of fear. We are just sheep at that point. 

It has been over 6 months since this virus put our country into a state of shock. Yet, there has not been one signal policy that has addressed the underlying problem of our fat & sick nation. Ultimately, the stressful disrupt to our everyday life from mandated policies to stealing education from our children have only made things worse. If public health was a real agenda to our local governments we would have made fast food a non-essential business, gyms to be open without closures, health coaching to be covered for ALL with pre-existing conditions and leisure activities such as a Friday night Royals game to be the choice of the individual. 

This has to be a wakeup call to Americans. The conventional health care system is great as a life saving measure….I even married an ER doctor💓. “Healthcare” is NOT great at preventing the very diseases that are killing hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. Getting more insulin for your type 2 diabetes is not making you healthier it is making you fatter, impediment, doubling your risk for Alzhiemers and advancing your spot 6 feet under. 

Ultimately it is up to us as individuals to own our health and freedom from fear based pop culture agendas. If you want to be muzzled the rest of your life that is your prerogative but it shouldn’t be mine.  Had we implemented true preventative policies that actually create health freedom outlined in science based evidence we could have prevented not just Covid Deaths but a million other deaths caused by our American lifestyle. Yet, we still are avoiding them!

Real health will not come from conventional medicine or the next groundbreaking vaccine. Humans are made to adapt and survive. We are not dying because we are lacking in the next best pharmaceutical agent…we are dying because we think that those are the answers and the decisions we make for our health on a day to day basis do not matter. I’m here to tell you true health can ONLY come from the individual’s decisions and it should be preventative medicine’s job to educate….. NOT to line up the next colonoscopy to see if there is something that can be surgically removed or a medication that can be prescribed. While telling the patient that what they eat doesn’t matter. WTF?!

The 3 things I learned in my doctorate training that ring true to me more than ever as the compass to health are: Toxins Trauma Thoughts!

  • Toxins : What are we consuming intentionally/unintentionally that is toxic? Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually
  • Trauma: What is causing us harm? Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually
  • Thoughts: What are we giving power to mentally? Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually

Do you see a trend in those 3 areas?  Focus on those 3 and turn your life around TODAY!

Off my soap box for now.  😉

Dr. H