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Many people feel insecure when they think about making changes to their lives.

And this fear and insecurity often stop people from transforming their personal characteristics and building self-esteem. But the fear of change then is often an illusionary state of mind. I have noticed people in my life who have chosen to stay in the discomfort of fear because it is familiar.

In order to be really successful in life, it’s important to challenge your fears first and foremost, and look at your situation logically.

We can use visualizations to make constructive transformations.

Start with visualizing yourself. Focus on the negative and positive. Are you a negative thinker, or a positive thinker? If you are negative, you need to work harder at building your self-esteem and confidence. It will empower you to make personal transformations that lead you to success. There is many books on the market that go deep into how we can transform our own minds. One of my favorite leaders in this field is Dr. Joe Dispenza. He writes and speaks about how we can rewire our brains to become our true self.  He states, “neurons that fire together wire together”.

Self-analysis is our ability to evaluate the self. Often when one goes through this analysis, they find problems that they did not know existed. For instance, a difficulty with being alone.

This is a common fear amongst many people, yet many do not realize that this fear is embedded in the subliminal and unconscious mind. By self-analyzing, you can discover your fears and work to eliminate the problem.

When you analyze the self, express your feelings and thoughts. Write them down if you don’t feel comfortable sharing them with someone else.

Throughout the process, you will become closer to yourself, which builds self-esteem. You will notice your personal achievements more, and it will build a strong character. You will feel more satisfied with yourself when you do this often. This self awareness will allow you to recognize thoughts that no longer serve you. Do not argue or give these thoughts of negativity, self doubt or whatever your fear may be any attention. Recognize the thought and release it.

Self-analysis also makes it possible to discover feelings that make you feel uncomfortable. Most times people fail to examine their uncomfortable feelings, which is part of the problem that makes it difficult for people to make a positive transformation in their lives and themselves.

Once you have begun a program of regular self-analysis, make a plan to improve your weaknesses and stick to it. For instance, if you intend to lose weight, keep up that exercise routine and diet. I notice in my years of working with individuals that their lack of ability to change has little to do with the information available. It has everything to do with what is happening in their mind.

“if you can’t control your emotional state you must be addicted to it.” ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza