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We solve frustrating digestive issues using the power of functional medicine. Help for IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis, SIBO, leaky gut, reflux, celiac and other gut concerns.

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Digestion Without Popping Pills

Welcome to Modern Health KC

In finding my site chances are you have been searching for a new approach to your health, something that makes you feel empowered and inspired to make the change you long for.

YES!! Let’s do that!

I’m Dr. Kerri Howerton, chiropractic physician, board certified clinical nutritionist, owner of Modern Health KC and lover of Very Berry Hibiscus Tea.

I partner with patients to investigate, identify and resolve the root cause of your health concern(s) so you can rebuild your health, reclaim your power, and live an extraordinary life.

What Makes Us Different Than Other Health Clinics?

Modern Health KC was founded with revolutionizing the treatment of stomach health in mind. We still prioritize that idea today.

Our Unique Approach to Improving Your Gut Health

Modern Health KC staff brings decades of experienced healthcare through it’s unique and effective forms of care is provided to our patients.

Our Philosophy On Functional Medicine

The concept of “functional medicine” is prioritized at the Modern Health KC. Learn how, and why, we feel it is so important.

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Take The First Step On Your Journey Back To Health

Maybe you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a patient. Chat with Dr. Kerri in a free 20 minute phone consultation, I’ll happy to answer any questions you have to see whether or not Modern Health KC is right for you.